As of 2020 all Journal entries are now published directly to our website:

The Astronomical Society of Edinburgh

The Astronomical Society of Edinburgh (ASE) has been holding meetings in Edinburgh to inform members and the general public about astronomy since 1924.  We meet monthly, usually on the first Friday of the month at 7.30pm, and are always happy to see new faces at our meetings.  Our website, with further information on the society, can be found here: http://www.astronomyedinburgh.org/

The journal was previously a quarterly publication distributed to members of the society.  As it was no longer an option to continue in this form, it was decided that we would adopt an online journal which would allow members to keep up to date with news of the society and updates on events we have been involved in, as well as providing members with a forum in which to publish articles on their interests and research undertaken in the field of astronomy.  We all hope that this will prove a useful tool for members and that it will allow us to continue the journal, albeit in a new form.

  1. As a former member – one who used to help Dave and Ray with the photocopying – I have to say it’s nice to see this online version; may it continue at least as long as Dave’s. Just found the “Speed of Light” article while searching for something almost entirely unconnected with ASE, and enjoyed it very much (but am ashamed to say I’d forgotten about the aberration of light…). Looking forward to returning to Auld Reekie some day, and coming to an ASE meeting.

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